Pet Wellness Exams

We are glad to do health examinations, administer vaccinations to your pets as needed, and collaborate with you on all parts of wellness care.

Pet Wellness Exams in Harper Woods, MI

We are happy to conduct physicals, provide your pets with necessary vaccinations, and work with you on all facets of wellness care.

Regular wellness checks or exams are very beneficial for your pet. Wellness exams offer a great opportunity for us to perform a complete physical examination and create a health profile for your pet, regardless of their age, from young to “senior citizen” or any age in between. With the use of this information, we will be able to recognise any conditions that may be harmful to your pet’s health or way of life.

All of your pet’s major organ systems are analysed during a wellness check-up. During the wellness visit, we’ll probe you about your pet’s disposition, appetite, exercise preferences, and daily routine.

This is also a great opportunity for us to talk about any standard diagnostic procedures that would be helpful for your pet or to suggest any immunizations that might be overdue. If your pet appears to be in good health, a wellness exam is a fantastic chance to keep track of any alterations, such as weight increase or loss or other minor alterations that might not be seen at home.

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